MOCK AUDITIONS are done in 2 sections so that players can alternate between the playing behind a screen and listening on the OTHER side of the screen. Aralee Dorough leads a discussion session with each “Audition Committee”  sharing insights on the hiring process, drawn on from years of experience at the Houston Symphony.

(See REPERTOIRE page for the specific excerpts for each round.)

MASTERCLASSES for 2018 will include study of the Ibert Concerto, the Bach Suite, flute and piano music by French composers, Telemann Fantasies and more.

dreamstime_xxl_28146590.jpgCONCERT HALL:    Our final activity takes place in the Moores Opera House. This provides an opportunity to play excerpts on a big stage and to consider issues of projection and clarity.  It serves as our “Final Round”.

ELECTIVES provide a chance to get playing experience with the Mock Audition excerpts, including a chance to play them with piano accompaniment. There will also be as Alexander Technique and Yoga offerings. (Details TBA)

SMALL GROUP WORKSHOPS, Days 1-3.  We break into 3 groups in 3 rooms for more informal setting and a small teacher to student ratio. These  are lead by the faculty.

Last but not least:

TEA TIME – tea and snacks at break time give us time to relax and talk to each other between classes.

 (Please bring a box of cookies or your favorite tea bags to share at the tea table!)


PLEASE NOTE:  “The Informed Flutist” is both a workshop for advanced audition skills AND for covering the fundamentals crucial to progress. While it is geared towards the advanced player ready to pursue an orchestral career, and many of our participants have been at this stage,  it is also a workshop in anything and everything flute-playing.

Players of ANY level are welcome!

Our Mock Auditions are NOT done in a competitive manner—each player competes only with him or herself to do the best playing possible in the short time allotted behind the screen. Participants are encouraged to study all the class repertoire in advance of the class, and to participate in the Mock Auditions, but it is also fine to “opt out” of the auditions or certain repertoire!