All Participants will be scheduled to play in the two Mock Auditions which are divided into “Prelims” and  “Semis”. These Mock auditions are done in 2 sections so that players can alternate between the playing behind a screen and listening on the other side of the screen. Aralee Dorough leads a discussion session with each Audition Committee and shares some of her many experiences on hiring committees she has served on at the Houston Symphony.

See REPERTOIRE for the specific excerpts for each round.

MASTERCLASSES – Various Topics

Performers will be assigned in advance, some classes will ask for volunteers. (Registrants will receive a sign-up survey for your repertoire preferences.) Some classes will have piano.

CONCERT: “A Simulated Finals Round”

This concert will be played by 1 or more players invited to perform in advance. For players with some previous audition experience who want a chance to be raked-over-the-coals a bit, asked to sight read, and other ways surprised. It will include some of the additional repertoire (Strauss Rosenkavalier, for instance) and the Mozart Concerto exposition with piano accompaniment.  (If you would like to considered for this experience, please let us know when you register, we may ask you send a recording.)

BREATHING CLASS with Keith Underwood

This class will be for woodwind players from the Texas Music Festival orchestra and gives us a chance to watch Keith work with clarinet, oboe and bassoon players, as well as a flutist. Breathing is ever a topic in all our Informed Flutist classes, so participants are encouraged to bring their Breathing Bags and Breathbuilders along, or plan to purchase one at the class.

GROUP WARM UP with Keith Underwood

A wonderful opportunity to play scales, excerpts and do breathing exercises en mass under Keith’s guidance– and ask questions about it all it all.


ELECTIVES – optional extra activities to enhance the week – lead by TA’s and young professionals – details will be in place by the end of May. (Registrants will receive a sign-up survey for Electives.)

WORKSHOPS – groups of 4 to 7 will meet with each faculty member on specific repertoire – an informal group lesson, playing is voluntary, and the faculty member will try to call on everyone in the group during the hour long session. The workshops will serve as coaching sessions for the repertoire for the prelims and semi-final repertoire, though other repertoire can be covered. EACH PARTICIPANT will have 2 hour-long workshops with each of the THREE faculty members!



“The Informed Flutist” is both a workshop for improving audition skills and for covering the fundamentals that are crucial to progress and success, so while it is designed in mind of the advanced player ready to pursue an orchestral career, it is also a workshop in anything flute-playing.

Our Mock Auditions are NOT done in a competitive manner—each player competes only with him or herself to do the best playing possible in the short time allotted behind the screen. Participants are encouraged to study all the class repertoire in advance of the class, and to participate in the Mock Auditions, but it is also fine to “opt out” of the auditions or certain repertoire!